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MapHubs now features GLAD Forest Alerts!

Identify the latest 2017 GLAD forest alerts using MapHubs!

You can now add the University of Maryland Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) forest alerts to any map view.


Simply zoom into the area you are interested in and click on the wrench icon to select Forest Alerts. You can then calculate the total alert area of the view.

This feature is available in any MapHubs powered site including Map for Environment.

Measure Forest Clearance

There is also a handy measuring tool so you can calculate the area or length of a clearance area. Just click on the wrench, select measurement tool and draw on the map and calculate the area.

Contextual Maps

With Map for Environment ever growing database of contextual data from satellite imagery to mining permits,

Coming Soon: Email alerts and time slider

In development now, register for email alerts whenever new forest alerts are identified inside your MapHubs map or hub.

We're also developing a time slider so you can select the forest alert by week.

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The tech

The MapHubs forest alerts are built using vector tiles. GLAD raster data is converted to polygons, then to the Mapbox vector tile format and are hosted using Amazon Web Services. These tiles are extremely small, in some cases only a few hundred bytes and help us provide dynamic maps in low-bandwidth environments.